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  • Image of 2021 CALENDAR
  • Image of 2021 CALENDAR
  • Image of 2021 CALENDAR
  • Image of 2021 CALENDAR
  • Image of 2021 CALENDAR



Lets celebrate a new year with my 2021 Calendar!

My intention with this calendar is to bring a beautiful, eco friendly, and affordable divine feminine offering into your sacred spaces. By bringing my artwork into your spaces, you have the ability to activate the divine feminine energy within. What does this mean? More ease, more joy, more rest, more sensuality, more acceptance, and best of all-more LOVE!

I believe that balancing the divine feminine energies is the answer to all of the problems we see in the world. When we allow ourselves to open our hearts and move our bodies in loving ways, we allow emotions to flow and move and heal. When we express ourselves with the creative life force that is Shakti (divine fem) we arrive in more personal power. The more we invite this energy into our beings, the more we heal, the more joyful we become, and the more the universe allows for abundance of that which we truly desire to serve our highest selves.

I envision that after 2021 is complete, you lovingly cut the images out of the calendar and use them for art in your home, art offerings or letters to friends, altar pieces, collage elements, etc.

The calendar features thoughtful astrological insights by my longtime friend Laura Whitfield and her Australian partner Mark who are

The 12 month calendar measures 10”x 14.25.” The artwork is risograph printed in black and grey by Erik Pedersen of Drum Machine Editions based in Asheville, NC. He used a beautiful speckled off white hydro-powered milled paper from French Paper Company based in Michigan. They are spiral bound with a dark green envirocoil using post consumer plastic. Overall, I have found the most environmentally sustainable way to make these which makes me feel good!

Thank you for supporting my work as well as the work of The Conscious Astronaut, Drum Machine Editions, and French Paper Company.

***If you are local to Tallahassee and would like to have your calendar hand delivered, please use code LOCAL during checkout for no shipping costs.