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I AM Distance Frequency Activation


This is for a private distance frequency activation session using the Healy- a personal frequency device that works with your energy field and quantum field.

Your quantum session includes:

››› an intuitive altar creation featuring an image of you and your chosen "I AM" statement.
››› a gem elixir frequency set &
a custom "I AM" frequency set vibrated to your energy field via the quantum field.

After your session I will send you:

››› a video of your altar space
››› videos of your frequency sets
››› a personalized voice memo analysis

There is no physical product associated with this listing.

Please email me
[email protected] with a recent photograph of yourself, and a personal "I AM" statement to support you now.

This statement will be entered into a Resonance analysis and create a specific set of frequencies to harmonize and align your energy field to your "I AM" statement.

Examples are "I am living in vitality"
"I am worthy of moving to Costa Rica this September" "I am capable of thriving in my business" or anything else! St. Germain's I AM discourses are all great too.

If you're having difficulty deciding on an "I AM" statement you can write me a brief summary of what's going on with you energetically. What do you wish to work on? How you wish to feel so you may move forward on your path? Etc.
I can create a positive statement for the field based on that.

If you need support with specific physical or mental harmonization- please see the listing for "Healy energetic support session"

Please allow 1-4 days for your session to occur from time of purchase. If you would like up to be informed when your session will commence- please include your phone number or WhatsApp/ Telegram info in your email.

Feel free to use the contact form if you have any questions about this listing. I have a whole page about the Healy on my website DIVINEFEM.com/align

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